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never be afraid to be great....




BIG BABY is a Lifestyle Apparel Company founded on core family values, and is inspired by a life-long athletes desire to marry great sportswear with a unique style and sizing to accomadate a range of consumer needs.


BIG BABY the BRAND is a direct reflection of its Co-Founder/C.E.O and namesake, Darnell "BIG BABY" Jefferies, who has been an athlete most of his life and has always been one of the largest on any given team.


He was dunking by 7th grade and enterned 9th grade clearing 6 feet tall, not only did his exceptional athleticism and his size earn him a spot on the High School Varsity Football and Basketball teams ... It also earned him the name "BIG BABY". The moniker was perfect for him and quickly became the battle cry of his fans and admires.


First as A person, then as an athlete he is always striving for excellence through his strong work ethic, passion for the game, and the commitment to win .


Our primary goal as a company is to deliver these same qualities into the brand as the athlete whos name it bears, we are dedicated to produce the highest quality products to build brand trust and loyalty.


Our mission is simple... It is to provide a clothing line that is a reflection of the indivisual wearing it, to help them express to the world who they are, and what they believe , along with their desire to show the world ...

        Never Afraid To Be Great




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